Learn to speak English classes


Support for all migrants and refugees.

Catholic Care believes in doing everything we can to help migrant and refugee families including help improve English speaking skills.

The learn to speak English Classes are available to all migrants and refugees for all nationalities throughout Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

We provide FREE child care while you are learning to speak English with a certified language educator. Please see quick link to Mamre Creche to book child care for your children.

English classes are available 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Tuesday and Wednesday.

Located at Mamre House & Farm, 181 Mamre Road, Orchard Hills.


Mamre Creche FREE Child Care

What support does Catholic Care offer families?

Support for young mothers experiencing social isolation and housing issues

Safe, confidential counselling for families, adults and children

Practical skills, advice and support groups for new parents

A large network of referrals to other services and departments

Support for families dealing with stress — financial, gambling, mental health, relationship breakdowns and grief

Culturally-informed care and programs delivered by supportive and trained staff

A variety of community groups, activities and classes for adults, teens and children

Services, activities and programs created by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and individuals.

Many of these are delivered through our Emerton centre, which was created by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people.

Services and programs for children and teens.

Home-based Early Learning Program
Support for Children in Family Separation
Family Day Care across Sydney’s West.
Support for Children’s Mental Health
Plan Management for NDIS Services
After-school Homework Programs
Support for Pregnant and New Parents
Practical Parenting Skills and Support
Parenting Teens and Supporting Children

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Single Mum’s ‘Prayers Answered’ – Where There’s Care There’s Hope

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My daughter needed support; she was a little bit down, in a new school, in a new area. We knew no-one.


We have received really practical help, as well as help with emotions and with healing.​ I asked for help in building her relationship with me, and with her daddy.​ Catholic Care has been sitting with us, listening to us, and that means a lot.

Lucy* (Pseudonym)

Single Mum

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