You can help change lives for the better.

Your donation gives your neighbours and community connection, love and support when they need it most.

Catholic Care provides welcoming places for everyone in our community to come for practical assistance, information, acceptance, or simply to connect with others.

No matter who they are, where they’re from, or what circumstances life has dealt them, your support means they are never left behind.


Finding home in Australia: You can read Agnes’ story here.

Community Stories

Our clients have faced significant trauma, such as family violence, unemployment, drug misuse, and homelessness. Quite often, these traumatic experiences started in childhood. Their self-esteem can be so low that they can’t see a better outcome for themselves.


We work with young mums to break the cycle. We build their trust and confidence and advocate for them so that they and their children have a better future

Katrina Marsh

Transition Caseworker and Support Worker

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