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Improve your mental health.

We all have times where we feel stressed by something in our lives or weighed down by our troubles.

At Catholic Care we understand how life’s pressures can impact our wellbeing, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or down, we can help you with tools to strengthen your mental health and start feeling better.

Why ask Catholic Care for help?


A caring team of cousellors, social workers and psychologists

Experience supporting diverse backgrounds, ages and cultures

Safe, private and non-judgemental

Flexible sessions: face-to-face, phone or video

Network of referral to other services

Regular support groups covering everything from parenting to disaster recovery

How can we help you with mental health?

General counselling
Building strong relationships
Managing separation or breakdowns
Specific conditions like anxiety, depression
Grief and loss support
Coping with stress and change
Moving forward after natural disaster
Chaplaincy and spiritual support in hospital and prison
Supporting young people through change

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Holding hope: meet Rita and hear about the powerful work she does as a counsellor.

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I like to think that we hold hope for people who can’t see it themselves – and when they are ready, we can give their hope back to them.

Rita Chater

Grief Counsellor, Solo Parents Service

Read Rita's Story

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