Compassionate support and spiritual comfort.

Hospital Chaplaincy.

Our chaplains work in the public hospitals in Western Sydney to provide emotional, spiritual and sacramental support to patients, their families and staff.

The experience of being in hospital can often mean being surrounded by illness, pain and despair. For patients and their families this can be a time of anxiety and stress. For others it is a time of spiritual questioning/connection.

Our chaplains are there to provide a range of support:

Having someone to listen and sit with

Having someone to pray with

Helping you through grief and loss

Helping you explore your spirituality

We have a number of religious and lay chaplains working in the hospitals and priests are available to provide the sacraments when requested.

Prison Chaplaincy.

Our chaplains visit men and women in prisons and correctional centres in Western Sydney, The chaplains listen, connect and endeavour to understand and comfort those who might otherwise feel abandoned. They also support inmate’s families and as well as staff.

Our chaplains provide:

Compassionate, confidential and non-judgemental listening

Prayer and spiritual nourishment

Weekly services

We have a number of religious and lay staff working in the Prisons and Correctional Centres. Our chaplains work as part of an interfaith network, working alongside other chaplains from many other faith groups.

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